MobilityDB Workshop

Every module in this workshop illustrates a usage scenario of MobilityDB. The data sets and the tools are described inside each of the modules.

Alternatively, if you stand in the "doc" folder, you can generate the Workshop from the sources :

xsltproc --stringparam html.stylesheet "docbook.css" --xinclude -o index.html /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/docbook-xsl/html/chunk.xsl mobilitydb-workshop.xml
dblatex -s texstyle.sty -T native -t pdf -o mobilitydb-workshop.pdf mobilitydb-workshop.xml
dbtoepub -o mobilitydb-workshop.epub mobilitydb-workshop.xml

Docker container

The workshop dependencies and data files are available in a Docker container running PostgreSQL-12, PostGIS-2.5 and MobilityDB-develop.
  • Pull the prebuilt image from the Docker Hub Registry.

  • docker pull mobilitydb/mobilitydb:12-2.5-develop-workshop
  • Create a Docker volume to preserve the PostgreSQL database files outside of the container.

  • docker volume create mobilitydb_data
  • Run the Docker container.

  • docker run --name "mobilitydb" -d -p 25432:5432 -v mobilitydb_data:/var/lib/postgresql mobilitydb/mobilitydb
  • Enter into the Docker container

  • docker exec -it mobilitydb bash
  • Connect to the database (username=docker,db=mobilitydb).

  • psql -h localhost -p 25432 -d mobilitydb -U docker

    The workshop data files are available in the workshop directory inside the container.